The 4 Biggest Mistakes in Diagnosing PTSD

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A Peak Into the Training

Jason Drwal, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Jason Drwal, Ph. D. is a clinical psychologist in the VA Healthcare System.  He has treated thousands of veterans with PTSD and trained many professionals in the assessment and treatment of trauma. He specializes in the use of cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness interventions for the treatment of panic attacks, PTSD, and other conditions. When he is not doing therapy, he is an avid reader of self-help books, proud parent of two beautiful children, self-described coffee addict (who refuses to get treatment), and amateur anthropologist.

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Never Make These Diagnostic Mistakes Again

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Training Objectives

  • Learn how to establish a clear criterion A trauma for PTSD diagnosis
  • Be able to give two examples of traumas that do not fit criterion A for PTSD
  • Provide two reasons why it is important to take a pre-trauma history when diagnosing PTSD
  • Identify two disorders from which PTSD should be differentially diagnosed